Monday, June 2, 2008

Drizzled with Fun

This "drizzled" bead is so cool, you ought to see how pretty the lavender one is. I often wonder about where some of these beads are made. Are they made by hand, is someone standing in an assembly line drizzling bits of molten metal over a tube bead? OR, was this made on an automated assembly line? It's so interesting and it's obvious they are made in large quantities.

I guess it doesn't matter where it's made if it's this cool, but you know, inquiring minds like to know these things!

I hope you think this is as cool as I do! Have a good one!

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Amanda said...

I love drizzy beads! I've got a few that are spherical, and a similar green color... I have a hard time putting them into jewelry, to be honest. I want to show off the drizzling on them, but I'm never sure of how to showcase it clearly enough.

I've been thinking on the ends of earrings...