Sunday, July 13, 2014

Christmas in July!

It's that time of year again...crafters get ready! Time to start thinking about making those holiday gifts or preparing your crafts for the fall/winter craft show circuit!

For me, I enjoy thinking about gifts I can make for people. Usually my thoughts turn to jewelry, but this time around when the Cousin Corp sent out holiday beads to the Ambassadors, all I could think of was a craft project!

The latest 'Tis the Season bead products are now making their way into the JoAnn stores, yay!

Since I just upgraded my Kindle, my thoughts were around making an embellished bag or case for it. The cool thing about JoAnn's is they are pretty much everywhere.

We made a stop while on vacation last week at the JoAnn store in Dearborn, Michigan. We spent a couple days there to visit the Henry Ford Museum, which was AWESOME! I recommend a visit if you ever make it to that area.

When I saw this great bag for only $5.99 I knew my 'Tis the Season beads, especially the sparkly red shamballas, would really pop against the grey. I just used a needle and clear monofilament to sew all these pieces on and just in case the gift is for me, the ten year-old child within made me sew on my initial in clear bicones.

Ya gotta love that "kid"... :)

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Dawn Doucette said...

LOVE it Lisa! And there's so many uses for a cute monogrammed bag! Have a fantastic week!