Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sweet Shiny Owl Pendant

OMG, this owl is so adorable, I couldn't resist!! I stopped in a Meijer store recently and, of course, had to scan the bead aisle to see what was going on with their Cousin products. 

I love looking at beads online because of the convenience, but there's nothing like seeing things in real life!

This owl pendant is very bright silver and very fluid. All the little danglies move so elegantly, I LOVE it! In fact, I bought two!

The eyes are dark blue gems and I just happen to have some sparkly blue/purple mirror beads that will go perfectly with it. I am torn though when it comes to how to string it up. 

I'd like to be quick about it because I seem to only have limited time to work on things in the evenings. But, a more detailed technique with lots of sparkle appeals to me right now.

Guess I will wait till the weekend to play with this one. In the mean time, I took it off the package and put it in a little pocket in my purse so I can sneak little peeks at it occasionally. Yeah, I have issues! :)

Hope you're having a great week!

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