Sunday, May 11, 2014

Featured designer: Frederica Dixon

It's been a while, but spring seems like the perfect time to bring back the "Featured designer" series.

So, let's get right to it!

Today's featured designer is Frederica Dixon of London, England! In her own words,

"I am absolutely addicted to beads and my love of jewellery making started from a simple need to do something with the vast quantities that were stacking up. Actually selling this jewellery in turn stemmed from the amount of pieces that were stacking up and I haven't looked back!"

See more of Frederica's creations on her Etsy site, Handmade Jewellery by Frederica Dixon.

I've posted a couple of my faves here.

Frederica's Etsy profile states, She "sells handmade jewellery made from a wide variety of beads and encompasses a wide array of styles but everything is designed for day to day wear and nothing should leave you spending hours hunting for just the right clothing to match.

Frederica Dixon Jewellery is based in London and sells a range of simple pendant necklaces, delicate charm bracelets, glass bead bracelets, gemstone or semi precious stone jewelry, and pretty elasticated bracelets.

The jewellery is made from an array of different materials including shell, glass, ceramic, wooden, gemstone, semi precious, acrylic, and silver and gold plated beads.

Look no further for an easy gift for a great friend." 

You can also connect with Frederica on her Facebook page or read her blog

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