Sunday, March 23, 2014

So Sparkly...So Cheerful!

It looks like I've basked in my trip to Cousin for just the right amount of time. I'm ready to move on and begin celebrating beads again! :)

Well, that and I'm preparing to head back to Florida, this time for a relaxing vacation with my hubby, yay!

I have a couple of new projects I haven't shared with you yet, so I'll do that this week. First up is one of those projects that sort of made itself. I wanted something cheerful to wear on the plane rides since I always like to have something sparkly to focus on. 

Cousin Trinkettes were the first beads that came to mind since they're so bright and colorful. At first I thought of using memory wire so I could have several strands of wow, but this is the part that sort of evolved on its own.

I used three pieces of memory wire and connected them all with a toggle clasp. That way, when I put it on, the three strands spread apart so it becomes a really wide bangle. 

Quite attention getting, I must say. It has gotten many double takes, a few laughs, but definitely lots of smiles. You just can't help it!!!

I'd love to hear about other interesting ways to use these large hole beads, so please share or leave a link in the comments.