Saturday, February 1, 2014

Valentine's Day Decopauge Necklace - Redo

Like many designers and crafters, I sometimes find myself taking a project back to the mat for little tweaks before calling it a day.

I'm happy now to unveil the final version of the Heartfelt Valentine's Day Necklace!

Thanks to the Cousin Corporation for continuing to help me grow creatively by giving their Ambassadors a different project to create each month. Yay!

Using these connectors to modpodge on heart paper was so easy and fun!

I really love these colors and think the purple, tanzanite and bright white along with the heart charms give this necklace a whimsical and happy vibe.

It's been a couple of months since I incorporated crafting into a project (remember the wine cork necklace and bracelet?)

Crafting is when I am in the zone, I'm at my happiest and you can bet my workarea looks like a hurricane struck.

I'm usually in sweats with my hair up and possibly have a little smudge of fat free chocolate pudding on my face. :) Mmm hmm, it's one of my real life happy places.

I'd love to hear about your real life creative zone happy place. Leave a comment if you have a sec.


motidana said...

Lovely necklace ! I love the way you have created beautiful connectors with heart print paper and made this necklace . It`s so pretty !

Shai Williams said...

Just love this necklace! The color is feminine yet not the norm.