Saturday, October 27, 2012

Quick Halloween Choker: Fun to Make AND Wear!

Hee hee... This was a fun project I made with some work friends yesterday. I had searched Joann Etc. recently for the standard spider rings and couldn't find spiders like this anywhere!

I figured there must have been a rush on plastic spiders! The next day I noticed a friend and coworker had decorated her workstation for Halloween and had some plastic spiders!! :)

I think you can probably guess what happened next...

I sweet talked her out of one, in fact, we started talking about all the ways of using them in craft and jewelry projects. We decided it would be fun to see what we could make one day at lunch.

Here's the result. We took the spiders, wrapped black craft wire around the body, covered them with mod podge and sprinkled black glitter over them.

We then cut some neck memory wire and quickly strung beads on. Once beaded, the black craft wire was wrapped around the memory wire in between beads and voila! A fun, scary choker!

I wore mine to the side, but the spider legs were irritating my neck, so I ended up wearing mine front and center at the neck, SO FUN!

One of my coworkers then wore hers as a head-band! I never thought of neck memory wire as a headband! How fun! The black craft glitter really stands out in real life.

Starting tomorrow I'll be revealing all the Cousin projects for Halloween, some fun, some scary and ALL with instructions! Yay!