Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What are you making for summer vacation?

Is it too early to talk about summer vacation? I hope not, it popped into my head this morning as many random things usually do in the early hours.

I searched for and found a bracelet I made two years ago for summer vacation and took the scissors to it, I KNOW! I guess I'm brave in the early hours too!

So, here's the deal. I now have ten of these Cubic Zirconia two-holed squarish-rectangles to use in a brand new summer vacation piece.

As always, I'm planning a bracelet because I have a need to see my beads! Two-holed beads are always fun because they present an opportunity for a chunkier piece.

I haven't finished my butterfly yet, but should have it done tonight. Now I realize it won't coordinate real well with the lavender. BUT, take a look at THIS iron-on patch that I also added strands too!

If you have plans for summer vacation jewelry, please share!


Kokopelli said...

I'll go to Austria with some friends: archery and lots of altitude differences while hiking. And maybe a bit of wellness/spa when hiking was too exhausting.

Kathleen Lange Klik said...

I currently don't have plans to make jewelry for my summer vacation, but my annual summer vacation in the Adirondack mountains always inspires new jewelry designs!

Sarah Sequins said...

Those lavender beads are gorgeous! Drool-worthy.

I love the idea of summer vacation jewelry. I have a few big pieces planned, one of which is going to be covered in buttons. I'm also hoping to branch out into fabric art, which means convincing my skittish sewing machine that I'm not The Enemy. ;)

Shel said...

Oh, I love summer vacation jewelry. When we go to the beach I always seem to design stuff with pearls (of course!) and aquamarine and clear quartz, but when we travel to the mountains and forest it's wood, leather, macrame and more rough stones and beads!