Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Is it too Early?

Guess what I pulled out tonight? Yep, my favorite happy summer bracelet, "Princess Blueberry Pie".

I don't think I ever really named it, but that one seems fitting! Love the blue, love the pink and LOVE the rhinestone peace sign dangle!

Okay, so I guess I answered my own question...nah, it's not too early for Princess Blueberry Pie!

This is a very simple design on one strand of memory wire as the foundation. It's the giant blueberry quartz briolettes from Rings-Things.com that make it so spectacular. Since they are heavy, I attached the memory wire to the middle loop of a 3 strand bar/clasp.

The pink swarovski crystals are just strung on wire twisted around the briolettes and attached to the outer loops of the bar/clasp. Easy, but memorable! :)


Kepi said...

It is never too early to wear a Princess Blueberry Pie. Love the colors.

Lacey said...

Your "Princess Blueberry" comment made me have a Veggie Tales moment. One of the characters on there is Madame Blueberry!!! Goes to show what having a toddler in the house does to the brain!!!! Oh well, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Lisa Crone said...

:) Thanks you two!

Catherine Sorensen said...

I love the blueberry quartz beads! {'course I can't resist anything blue...} Your combination of blue and pink is very fun & since the weather says it's summer...why not!

Ruby said...

Its so lovely! I love the color combination though i love pink more. Blueberry sounds like a cake for me, haha.

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