Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fun with Vintage Beads!

Just in case you have a collection of fun and interesting vintage or plastic beads, I wanted to share this bracelet that you might remember from a year or so ago.

A friend and I had visited a paper crafting store and workshop where they had a treasure chest FILLED with these beads. The best part was the shovel! Yes, there was a plastic shovel for digging through them! The total price for two baggies was probably $2.

I have to tell you that was one of the highlights of my entire jewelry making career! There was something special about digging through a bucket of beads and finding little deer charms, smiley faces, eyeballs, 4 leaf clovers and much more!

I think finding an experience that transports you back to childhood is simply priceless! :)


Perladora said...

Very colourful and fun!

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