Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Slap Watch & Bead Mix Winner

I was shocked to find something called a slap watch today!!

I knew immediately I had to have it and I also knew I needed to embellish it with crystals!!

I am a huge fan of slap bracelets but had never seen watches made with a wristband that has a collapsible band that you literally slap yourself with to get it to bend around your wrist.

I LOVE it and think it was such a smart idea!

It is made from a rubbery material so I am not sure if hotfix
swarovski crystals will adhere to it, but I'm definitely anxious to give them a try!

I tried using some with a sticker-back that are made for paper crafting and they fell right off. I promise to keep you posted! As always, give me a shout if you have ideas to share!!

And now, as promised, the winner of the recently mentioned craft store bead mix is: Debra from Abracadebra Designs!

Yay, I'm so excited to ship it off to her and see what she comes up with to make with it!


Anonymous said...

That watch is cool! Could you embroider and then glue to the band, maybe?

Be~Jeweled by Jana said...

Cool! If all else fails, how about super glue?

syndee holt said...

YAY! WAtches for lazy people like me! Where did you find the watch?
Wonder if you could paint on it also?
Do you have a preference for crystals?

Stephenie said...

You can probably use Crystal Lacquer or another name is Crystal Effects, I think. It works to adhere almost anything to all types of surfaces. If I have the wrong name, it is being used by a lot of crafters, so some blogger may know the name. Hope this helps.

Garland said...

There are several type of glue that will glue flat backs to rubber the best on is Barge All Purpose Cement which I sell for $5.99 2 oz tube + SH,Hide Glue by Titebond which I also sell for $5.99 4oz bot. + SH or you can go to Wal-mart a buy Stik' N Seal Orginal by Locktite...Contact me back at