Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Making My Way to Beading HQ

Thanks to the continually generous Cousin Corporation, their Jewelry Making Ambassadors, all from cold winter climates, are heading down to Florida this week to Cousin headquarters....YAY!

Oh, and that includes little ole me! :)

I am so grateful because I am SO cold! I waited for a snowy white-out to pass before venturing into rush hour traffic this morning and all the while had palm trees and sunshine on my mind. Luckily they are within my reach!

I have been working on a few projects lately so I have new jewelry to wear while I'm there. I'll be sharing throughout the week and if all my technology links up as intended, I'll try to send you all a palm tree. Well, at least post a picture of one or two. :)

I shouldn't mention it before asking, but I am hopeful I will be able to get a pic of bead heaven a.k.a. their bead warehouse and/or showroom. :)

For now, here's a happy Floridian memory wire bracelet that includes one of those little metal pieces I painted for the occasion. :)


Kokopelli said...

Lovely bracelet! Sand dollar, shells and that turquoise metal bead. Yes, it says Florida, here I come. Have fun! :)

Sri Lankan Hotels said...

I love your creations very much.

Lisa Crone said...

Aw, thank you so much! And you are so right...it DOES say florida here I come. :) yay