Thursday, February 28, 2013

Crafty Bead Love

Ooh, the minute I saw this strand of acrylic beads my hand went out to grab them! Isn't that funny? Sometimes you hem and haw, not sure what you like or what will go with what...

Other times, you just know!

These acrylic beads appear to be metal beads, but they are light as a feather. The crafter in me could see so many possibilities.

Using paint colors, the possibilities are truly endless. When you look at the detail in the design of the inner bead, I think this is such a fun craft project. Tiny brush, lots of colors...ahh, come on weekend!!

I would LOVE to hear your crafty ideas. By the way, these came from what the Cousin Ambassadors now lovingly call the "picking wall" of beads. :) More on that next week.

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