Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Warm Sunny Earrings

As I've been working on jewelry projects lately, I've been tempted to use some kind of cording or fibers in every single project?

I wonder why that is? Because it's winter and I'm cold?

Because it's winter and using hemp cord makes me think of summer?

I'm not sure! Here are a pair of earrings that seem very warm and sunny. I didn't have much of a plan when making them, so I was happy when they turned out "happy". :)

Anyone else out there hooked on fibers at the moment? What's your theory?


Dana Feldman said...

You are AMAZINGLY talented, I love the color choice of the center beads, then the cute tassels. Great work! I just wanted to let u know my blog link has changed....check out my new blog on handcrafted dog collars and leads they're gorgeous!!
Check it out!!!

Lisa Crone said...

Hi Dana! Thanks for all your kind comments. :) I'm heading over to check out your blog.

kumarihouseantiquescollectioncentre said...

thanks for your nice blog of bead a day!!!! what do you do in your country? do you have shop? I also bead lover and collector from kathmandu,Nepal.