Friday, February 22, 2013

Florida is GOOD!

A simple, but true statement!

Or, how about...Florida IS good!

:) I am now in vacation mode for a couple days while visiting my parents who happen to be down here for the winter, yay!

Guess what we are doing?

Yep, making jewelry! Ankle bracelets and fun!

Just to provide you with evidence that I am really here, or maybe this is my "pinch me" moment...Above is the view from my room for the past couple days...ahhh...

As I have been mentioning I actually made jewelry in advance of the trip.

This sunshine/sunset necklace has now become one of my faves.


Karen M said...

Breath taking view...enjoy yourself w/your family. We got snow yesterday so YES....I'm jealous. ;)

gunadesign said...

Very nice, it makes me feel warm of summer