Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Heart Earrings by Tammy Powley

I am a huge fan of Tammy Powley who writes the jewelry making articles over on

She is a great cheerleader and mentor for others in the bead/jewelry industry as well as jewelry making hobbyists. She's kind of like the all knowing/all seeing Oz...

Tammy never hesitates to share information even when it took bumps in the road for her to figure out first. She's a open book. Speaking of books, she has written more than I can count, so if you're looking for jewelry making books, make sure to search on Tammy Powley at Amazon. :)

Okay, back to these earrings! Tammy created these fun dangly earrings around a filligree heart component. To me they feel like they could be worn in a very formal setting or with jeans and a great blouse. That's the sign of a classic piece of jewelry. Love these, oh, by the way...Happy Valentine's Day!

As always, thanks for sharing Tammy!! Instructions for making these earrings can be found here on


Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

I like Tammy as well. A very nice person. Just stopped in to wish you a happy V day.

Jean said...

Tammy rules !!! xox jean