Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Judge Not" - also applicable to beads!

I REALLY work on judgmentalness...really! However, I find that it seeps in here and there when I least expect it. It bums me out because I believe I am meant to be an accepting, loving and kind non-judgmental person!

So, it's confession time... The purpose of A Bead A Day blog has always been primarily to appreciate individual beads because sometimes they get lost in the shuffle.

I received some Trinkette products from Cousin Corp a while back and initially put them aside to play with some of the other items that I wasn't familiar with. I realize now that I was looking at them as a whole rather than individual works of art.

These pieces together make a GREAT Valentine's Day project! AND, each of them individually has "heart" and beauty.

The charms are adorable and would melt even the coldest (judgmental) heart!

The white ceramic trinkettes with the tiny little red flowers are wonderful.

They are so dainty and remind me of fabric my mom used when I was little to make little girl outfits. Aww.

Thanks for listening as I unburden myself just a bit. :) To live IS to learn!

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