Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ready to Ooh & Ahh?

I thought you might be looking for something to make you say, "ooh" or "ahhhh" tonight. This is one of those moments when I knew it when I saw it!

After gushing a few "oohs" myself and realizing my jaw was hanging open at these lavender lampwork beads, I popped over here to SHARE!

WOW, these are just so fabulous! Made by Tracey Connor of BeatleBabyGlassworks on Etsy.

Tracey calls these "Sand Pebbles in Lavender". You will love how she describes them:

"Oooooh...this is what I hear every time someone sees these in person. I make these by wrapping transparent glass over opaque thus blending the 2 colors and giving depth and a glowing effect. These have an etched, sea glass-like finish and it really makes them seem electrified! So versatile. Can be accent beads or the star of the show. Great for earrings too!"

For any gnome lovers out there, she also has a line of "stuff on a stick" which includes gnome houses, mushrooms and trees perfect for a little gnome forest. :)


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The Crazier Sister said...

Oh my goodness. I went and looked at her "sand" beads and gasped and drooled for several minutes! Just wonderful. And she's got the photography-thing down, too!