Thursday, March 22, 2012

In case you need Swarovski buttons...

Just in case you can't get Swarovski buttons out of your head since they were mentioned here recently, I have a link for you!

Fusion Beads has them all! Wow, I didn't expect to find them all in the same place.

Sometimes you see rivoli's OR a few of the round buttons, but this is a real find!

I don't think I have even SEEN this one before. It is described as:
3024 32mm Crystal Volcano Swarovski Elements Crystal Dufflecoat Button.

Wouldn't it be fun to work for Swarovski and come up with these names? You've gotta love it!

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Grace said...

Me too, I haven't seen like that before. That's a beautiful kind of beads. It will be great for making accessories.

Mary from comment tricoter des chaussettes