Thursday, August 26, 2010

Red, Gold & ???

As a continuation of yesterday's post, what do you think about red and gold?

For some reason I think those two colors would look crisp and cool on Tuesday's filigree pendant.

Of course, I LOVE bracelets, so I'd love to use the filigree piece as the focal point of a bracelet.

The size of it would fit perfectly on top of my wrist with just a little bit of the bracelet band showing.

I think I have figured it out! Now....what to use as the bracelet band...hmmm

Chain, beads, crytals or rubber tubing? Yes, the possibilities are endless, yikes! Any ideas?

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TesoriTrovati said...

You had me at rubber tubing. That is intriguing. Can you find tubing large enough to fill with small crystals? I used an old 'grandma pin' in a bracelet for the clasp. I cut off the pin part and wired some Miyuki cubes to the outer edge. You could do the same with these crystals. Enjoy the day!