Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bead Distraction

Have you ever had beading overload? Tonight it started when I was looking through a "junk drawer" or catch all drawer in the kitchen and found a HUGE black plastic bead that must have come from something like a purse and my mind started racing about how to use it.

Then I found a premade bracelet on stretchy cord that someone gave me so I could use the beads. They are pretty dark brown, sort of shiny beads.

The next thing I found in the drawer was the credit card-like cruise ship cabin "key". I started reminiscing about the cruise ship and remembered one of the ladies who works at a local Joann Etc. store. She took used Joann gift cards and cut out the word "Joann's", punched holes in either end and strung them, in between multi-colored 8mm crystal bicones all along a beaded eye glass holder. How cool was that!!!? I need to go on more cruises so I can make something out of multiple cruise ship cabin keys! :)

Okay, you are probably seeing a pattern of distraction here....

THEN, I saw my sparkly kadiedid bracelet in progress and became mezmerized by it and it is far from being done...which doesn't really matter, it still brought me joy from it's sparkliness and the thought of many possibilities of what it will become.

I am sure I am not alone and would love to hear your stories of bead overload or maybe that is more like bead distraction! :)


The Beading Gem said...

When I get a bad case of bead overload, I walk away and do something else .... like blogging!

Maryanne said...

Yep, I'm with you on the distraction issue! I have so many little bowls and baskets filled with beads for different projects on my work table that I've decided it unproductive. I want to work on all of it, but end up being overwhelmed. But, I still love pulling beads and planning different projects, so I don't see the distraction going away very soon!

Anne said...

Serious bead overload here! Most of them are in their own square stackable containers, safely banished to a large wardrobe equipped with shelves, stacked 4 deep and five high! When you want a particular type it surely is the one right at the back. But then there are those I only have a few of which are in little resealable bags in more stackable containers. When I need a particular type I cannot find it, but I usually find the one I was looking for two weeks ago. Or sometimes I start a project, then put it away in a "SAFE" place because I want to do something else. And of course its so safe that I can't find it again unless by accident in a forgotten drawer - kitchen or anywhere else!

Ellen said...

I was viewing all my unfinished beading projects in a negative light....you made it sound exciting to come across an unfinished project. I will have to change my thinking.

Yes, I often have bead overload - spend too much time looking for materials in my bead room and not enough time creating. Guess that comes with the creative mind.

Jeannie said...

Bead Overload? Heck Yeah! Just walk away.

Like Ellen, I spend too much time looking for beads because I have too many and not enough space for them.