Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More Bead Distractions!

I was so happy to read yesterday's comments and discover that I'm not alone, I thought I'd share a few more bead distractions.

These are cute, funny, mezmerizing and interesting!

They are the kind of beads you might never use, but will come back to appreciate, laugh at, stare at and wonder about.

That crazy foot bead is too much! It was an unexpected discovery in a bead shop mix. How fun!

The robot is actually a bead with a top and bottom bead cap shaped as a robot!!

I am in LOVE with the deep blue bead with the swarovski sparkle in the middle!

And, finally the bird bead reminds me so much of the "quetzlcoatl" creature in an old sci-fi movie, it's scary!

I'd love to see or hear about your collections of intersting, mezmerizing and totally distracting beads!! :)


flyingbeader said...

For me it is lampwork beads. I never use them, but I have them & like to get them out & admire their beauty. I also bought some wild french sequins when Byzantium was closing. They look like spike like daggers. Also an older woman in Westerville called & wanted to give me this beaded purse which had seen better days...I keep looking at it wondering what kind of life this poor old bag has had

Ellen said...

Wood and Mother-of-Pearl beads are on my radar screen right now - I recently bought a pendant with 4 different shades of wood on it. Very cool to examine.

Kokopelli said...

That foot bead is so funny! My most distracting beads are my seedbeads. I love to play with color combos, look at them and make projects with them. They're fun!

FiberBeads said...

LOVE that robot bead. As late as it is tonightt I HAD to smile. Great article today!