Thursday, August 19, 2010

Elegance and Sophistication!

I got a little hooked on the meaning of color chart and thought I would share some black beads since I DO HAVE a velvety black bead!!

(Even though I didn't have a velvety purple one).

Here are the meanings for the color black:

Elegance, sophistication, formality, power, strength, illegality, depression, morbidity, night

Most of these are positive, so I think it's about what you choose to focus on!

I like the elegance and sophistication part!

Here is the velvety black heart bead that I used to make a new year's eve bracelet...

I threw in a couple other black beads that are faves too!


Regina said...

Black is it! I am currently working on jewelry for a friend at work, she wanted black jewelry for her bridesmaids. So I am working with black onyx, jet Swarovski and Mystic black Swarovski pearls. Have a great day!

Rozetta said...

I just love this kind of colour combination; black, white and silver (and perhaps another great colour, like the red). Theese colours make the jewelry, as You say, "elegant and sophisticated" :)

The Infamous sunRay said...

Thanks so much for this post on black! I've never been a fan, but I've always focused on the darkness of it. Your post had given me a new perspective. I think I'll dig out some black beads this weekend and see what happens.