Monday, August 23, 2010

Do Beads Look Like People?

Do you ever think that beads "look like" people? Maybe they don't actually "look" like people, but there are qualities in the beads that I think match qualities in people.

Sometimes I am a very "pearly" person, rather conservative and traditional. I love wearing pearls at certain times and they make me feel mature and confident.

At other times, all I want or need is crystals! I NEED to sparkle! Sometimes I am feeling sparkly inside and other times, I need to feel a little more sparkly. These are both occassions to bring out the crystals.

I have been known to get very weary of being mature and following routines day in and day out, I can always tell when I'm ready for a fun, crafty break. I tend to want to make jewelry craft projects and incorporate paper, found objects or scrapbooking findings into jewelry for one of a kind, often silly, results.
Today's photo is an example of a pair of paper earrings I made with paper punches! :)

When making jewelry for others, I like to think about the person and the reason they might have for wearing it and go with my intuition for making them something unique and special.

How about you? Do you think beads look like people? Are there certain techniques or materials that have certain people written all over them?


Bead Up said...

When thinking of making jewelry and for whom it's for, I think first of their skin tone and what kind of metal would look best with their complexion. For example, people who are more tan look great in gold; olive skin looks great in brass; my pale white skin looks best in silver :)

Lori's Glassworks said...

I think my bead designs reflect who I am; I'm big and bold, so are my designs. I'm six foot tall and tend to draw attention wherever I go. I'm not meek, nor am I too loud. I think my beads do look like me! Thanks for sharing...Cheers!

JustATish said...

I have even named one of my collections after my daughter, because those pieces remind me of something she would wear. I am always reminded of people I look for beads and when I create a piece. I have been in the middle of working on a design and i get an image of someone in my head and i end up giving it to them when it is completed. I figure it was meant for them any way :)

Emily said...
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Emily said...

I usually create my jewelry with a specific person in mind and try to match their personality with my designs and colors that I choose. When I'm done I love giving the person the piece of jewelry I created!

- Emily Katherine Designs Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry