Saturday, May 29, 2010

This Week's Project: Fast & Simple Bracelet

This week's project is a fast and simple bracelet that went together in the last few minutes.

I thought about it earlier and knew I had this great chain from Rings & Things that would go perfectly with this interesting loop that I had previously found at the craft store.

It's always a relief when I don't have to look to far or long for something I know I have, but not sure where I left off with it!

I have been very enamored with this carved owl bead and since it happened to be in the same bead box with the loop, it seemed to be fate!

No drive-in tonight since it's repeats of last week, so we made popcorn and snuggled into the small bedroom with the 1943 DVD of "The Return of The Vampire" with Bela Lugosi.

It was hard to believe when I found it at Big Lots yesterday for $3 that we didn't already have it. It was GREAT! The perfect amount of actual scariness and kitsch!

Back to movies, so I'll catch you all tomorrow! :)


Kokopelli said...

Beautiful simple design! Just right to admire the little owl all day long.

Azure Islands Designs said...

Nice...I like the simplicity of the bracelet...

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

TeriBaskett said...

Lisa, what a great design! That focal bead as a bracelet is way better than an oval pendant! LOVE IT!

Twitter: Teri_B

YanniCreations said...

Beautiful. Simple design but very punchy.


iffdream said...


Will you add a page on this blog features your craft only? For new follower like me, it is hard to get an idea how good your skill is since I need to go through so many posts to look for your stuffs, lol