Thursday, July 30, 2009

CRYSTALLIIIIIIZED!!! Swarovski Flower Pendant

Today's bead is an adorable flower pendant that is at least 14 mm of sparkly cut crystal! Nice!

There are so many cool ways to use this bead. I think it would go with just about anything! I'm thinking that I'd take this in one of two directions. Use it as a single pendant with a beaded necklace using tiny crystal rounds.

OR, I'd use every other color, size and type of crystal on several strands of a focal neck piece to be connected to a neck cord. I'd like to see the flower pendant dangling just slightly below a jumble of interesting colors and shapes of crystals.


For The Love of Beads said...

oooo - I like the second idea. I think it would really set off the prismatic awesomeness that is swarovski crystal!

happy crafting!

TesoriTrovati said...

I have never used these. I think they are sweet, but sometimes the hole placement on these has me stumped. I like your second idea as well. Thanks for the inspiration.
Enjoy the day!

JustATish said...

yes - the cluster above to set it off - beautiful idea!

Azure Islands Designs said...

The beauty of the crystals is you can do what ever strikes your fancy and it will look stunning!!!

Having said that I would like to see the second one...would be lovely

Dawno said...

I like both ideas but when I saw it I thought "what if you use large jump-rings and hook lots of flowers in lots of colors through the links in a large gauge rollo chain for a "daisy explosion" bracelet....

Oh dang, now I have to go out and buy them so I can make it! :-)

Dawno said...

My Tuesday Aug 11th post will have a picture of the (work in progress) flower pendant bracelet I mentioned above, in case you're curious about what you inspired :-D