Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Unicorn Power!

I broke out the heating wand a few weeks ago when I had a project epiphany after discovering these Crystazzi heat-set flatback crystals.

It was one of those moments when all planets aligned and I got my chocolate in someone's peanut butter and a great project idea was born!  :)

This nice looking unicorn is actually a removable 3D foam cutout that came on a birthday card. AND, the best part is the circle in the middle. You press it and the unicorn turns into something of a cartoon character. It says four different things that are all as cute as cute can be.

I found a youtube video (of course) just in case you want to hear it. So, the epiphany was that this sweet unicorn didn't seem to match the voice and needed a little jazzing up.

How? With heat-set crystazzi flat backs of course! :) I don't have a pic to share of the finished product, but I'll get one soon. The unicorn is now called "Sparkle."

"Come prance with me...."

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