Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gotta Have Earrings too!

I loved wearing the filigree bracelet yesterday and started making more dangles to add last night. :)

Then I thought earrings would be nice too! Sometimes after making a new bracelet I don't feel the need to have them because I can just grab a pair I already have in black, crystal or pearl.

For this special bracelet it felt like I needed to use the same beads so it seemed like a matched set. These days I like to follow my instincts more often than not, so here's how it worked out.

YES, I'm still stuck on the 12 bead bauble! You probably find that as no big surprise if you stop here occasionally. I do have a tendency to get fixated on things...sometimes it's the bauble or right angle weave in general, hemp cord, glitter, druzy's, shrinky dinks or mod podge just to name a few...

So, today I have a nice new set of jewelry for fall, yay!


Kepi said...

Love the bracelet and the earrings too. Really pretty. said...

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