Monday, September 24, 2012

Featured Designer: Roxanne McGovern of 3Graces Jewelry

I'm pleased to introduce you to Roxanne McGovern of 3Graces Jewelry! It's a rare occasion that I have someone local to spotlight, so today is a great day!

Roxanne was the store manager for a very hip and longstanding bead store in Columbus, Ohio called Byzantium. She was with Byzantium for 12 years before they closed due to the retirement of the owner.

I'm guessing that she probably had a chance to meet just about every beader in the local area and lots who would travel great distances to take their specialized classes.

She had some very cool news to share about her glass bead making classes...they're back! Torch and kiln glass bead making classes are available if you happen to be in the Columbus area. Check out 3Graces Jewelry website for classes, a blog and an Etsy site!!

My favorite part of Roxanne's bio is this, "Becoming a successful glass artist, glass art therapist, and teacher is a dream realized." 

Wow, what a wonderful feeling! Congratulations Roxanne and thanks for sharing!

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