Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New HSN Kits: Part 2, "The Coolness Factor"

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, the Cousin Corp is heading to HSN on Thursday. They are introducing two "almost ready to wear" jewelry kits called, "Make the Connection". There is one for everyday and one considered more formal.

The everyday kit contains 8 different connectors. The beauty of these jewelry kits is they need your creativity to become wearable pieces.

They are perfect for people who enjoy creating and are looking for instant gratification along with many different looks!

These are really fun to play with and with each kit, at least 30 different options can be created. COOL!

And, when I put this necklace and bracelet together and put them on, I actually felt my coolness factor rise a few points. :)

Can you feel it?

By the way, the kits will sell for $19.95 on HSN on September 13. Stay tuned to tomorrow's post for the FORMAL kit that includes quite a bit of pearl and sparkle!


Gail Devoid said...

I also think the kits are cool, and I contine to play with them.
Yes, you can get 30 from one kit, but think of how many more we will get when we start working with 5, 6, or 7 kits!!!

The idea is a great one, and I foresee friends swapping out sections to make even more than first envisioned.

Jean said...

XOXOX jean

Lisa Crone said...

Gail, great thinking! I've just added a few more people to my gift list! :)