Thursday, May 12, 2011

Vintage Glass

Yay, blogger is back up! I wanted to get back to my jingly/jangly bracelet project for summer because all of a sudden in Ohio, IT'S SUMMER!! 78 degrees, amazing!

So, I need some fresh new colors and jingle!

Here is another of the vintage beads from that I have on my beading table (a.k.a. a container that I put on my lap in the living room).

This vintage glass cone has a bit of an art deco vibe which I thought would be a fun accent.

I've started over on this one a couple times, but expect to have something fun to show you Saturday! Stay tuned :)

1 comment:

Almost Precious said...

I adore bracelets that jingle, jangle ... some people find them annoying ... but to me it's like that nursery rhyme; "Rings on her fingers, bells on her toes she will have music where ever she goes."

I find myself visiting Artbeads more and more, they have lovely items.