Monday, May 30, 2011

Jewelry that Begins with a Photo

I have been waiting to share this project with you until all the rain showers and ups and downs of spring weather had subsided. The time has come and I think warm weather is here to stay!

I LOVE having an opportunity to use photos or images in jewelry projects. It was important to me to include a garden gnome project in my jewelry making book, so a photo seemed just the right method.

My family of gnomes were assembled on the deck in the back yard and, hopefully the neighbors weren't paying too much attention, we had a photo shoot!

I have to admit to this turning into a guilty pleasure. Once I had all the gnomes photographed with different backgrounds (yes, really), I discovered my camera had the ability to run them on screen as a slideshow. Here's the best part...the camera added in different types of music. I settled on a classical number and think the humor in this stayed with me for quite some time! :)

I want to share the experience of how this project evolved so on Sunday I can share the final project with instructions, etc.

So, here is the photo it all started with... Tomorrow, the chain and Wednesday, the most important ingredient, the frame! :)


Anonymous said...

Be careful posting your gnomes' picture, someone may take him on a world tour!

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