Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Painted" Bead

Today's bead reminded me of spin-art! Do you remember the little plastic "machine" that had a spinning disk that you clipped a piece of paper to? Once the spinner was turned on, you could begin adding drops of paint.

The fun part was squeezing the paint from high above the spinner and watching it get pulled into the centrifical force!

Even though the designs were all rather similar, it didn't really matter. It was more about the individual experience each time you placed a piece of paper on the spinner. What a fun game!! I am pretty sure I have one stored in a closet here somewhere, I might have to dig it out for the weekend.

Hope you're having a great week!!

6 comments: said...

I remember the joy of letting colors fly.

Lacey said...

I had one of those!! I saw one somewhere recently that I thought about buying for my little boy when he gets bigger.

Linda B said...

I remember watching people do it at carnivals and asking my parents to buy one for me.

I had one of those; loved it. I can smell the paint now. Do they still make them?

The bead is great.

jamberry_song said...

My parents never bought us one of those, they claimed it would be too messy. But at our church strawberry festival every year, they let people make pictures on their machine for 25 cents a piece. Boy, oh, boy, I would spend my whole allowance there (which in those days wasn't much). XD Just loved it! You're right, this bead captures that swirling loveliness just perfectly. :)

The Clay Chick said...

I had one of those! They were the best, even if they only came with 3 (or was it 4?) paint colors. Could you imagine the artwork if we had more?? Lovely many colors to pull in coordinating beads!

Pretty Things said...

Love it love it love it! (want it, too!)