Friday, April 1, 2011

Featured Designer: Elegance and Sparkles

I hope you will all join me in breathing a collective sigh of relief now that we have made it to Friday night...ahhhhhhhh! It feels so good knowing there's a bit of free time ahead!

I'm taking a paper crafting class tomorrow, I wish you all could come with me! We're making a mini-album that only requires a pair of scissors and a glue stick, but looks very complex!

If you are in central Ohio, send me an email and I'll forward the details...there are a few openings left! I'm looking forward to some happy crafting time with women who like to laugh and enjoy each other's company!


Elegance & Sparkles drew me in to her Etsy site based on just the name alone! How great is that!! :) I was in awe and admiring her swarovski earrings and LOVE that she did these in many colors! These are the kind of earrings that go with everything and sparkle constantly!

This designer's profile reads: "I started making jewelry about 15 years ago when I saw a netted decoration and figured that I could make one like it. I taught myself to replicate it and the jewelry making bug bit. I started off by following patterns in books and magazines and soon that was not enough. I wanted to design my own jewelry. My inspiration is usually found in the beads themselves, it may be one, or how they interact together."

Talk about beads interacting together, this white necklace is amazing!! I know how much work is involved in adding all of these great beads to a base of seed beads. The result is an eye catching work of art!! WOW! Here is the description posted on Etsy:

"I made this dramatic looking necklace with lots of assorted white and clear glass beads on a white aurora borealis seed bead base. This is a necklace for times you want a bold yet elegant piece that commands attention. Being mostly clear and white, it goes with nearly all colours in your wardrobe. It has a dangle focal pendant attached.It fastens with a sterling silver toggle clasp."

Being an eclectic sort of person, I was then drawn to her wire woven bracelet for its wonderful metally elegance!

Many thanks to Elegance & Sparkles for allowing me to share her work here with you tonight! It just made Friday even BETTER!


Bakelite jewelry said...

You have shared such a nice information and I love the necklace which is so pretty and gorgeous to provide a grand look.Lovely work.

Anonymous said...

I'll check it out, that necklaceis gorgeous!

EleganceandSparkles said...

Thanks for the kind words and the feature. I'm honoured.

javabead said...

I know Wambui personally and can tell you her beautiful jewelry is a reflection of the beautiful person she is.

Kimberly said...

That is a gorgeous necklace, it's been in my favorites for about a week. I spotted it and went OOOH!

Mary said...

Wonderful goodies from Wambui! She is a very talented designer I am always in awww of her work!