Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Brightness Factor!

Bright orange complements all the other beads in my new bead mix!

As I mentioned in the last couple posts, I picked up a new bead mix at Joann, Etc. over the weekend and am enjoying sharing them with you one by one this week!!

I won't stretch it out too long...I plan to share a photo of the entire mix this weekend. :)

So cute, bright and warm weathery!

These aren't the beads I was planning to make into a charm bracelet, BUT once I get on a roll with charm bracelets, I think these would be so much fun all dangly and jingly! What do you think?


Mandy said...

LOVE the orange beads! I don't know why but orange has turned into one of my favorite colors over the last couple of years. What is Joann, Etc? Is that like a regular Joann's or a bead store?

Lisa Crone said...

Hi Mandy! Joann, Etc. is the larger version of Joann's. I think "Etc" stands for Experience the Creativity. :)

flyingbeader said...

yes! They are fantastic.