Monday, March 22, 2010

Super "Mod" Beads

These beads look like they might have come from the set of the 1960's show, "That Girl"!

Yes, I do have a thing for the show and wish I had all 5 seasons of DVD's, but only have one season so far. The others are carried by our local library, so I get to see it quite a bit!

This is a show that I like to watch for a while in the morning as I prepare for the day. I think the sweet positivity seeps into my being somehow!

Here is a picture of the beads outside the package as well as inside the package so you can see how many of each shape you get per package.

I found these Blue Moon brand beads at my local Joann, Etc. store.

This was a case of, "I just have to have those beads"! I love it when that happens!!

I don't have a design plan together yet, but in true "That Girl" fashion, there will be bright colors involved.


Jewelry By Jessica said...

They look really cool. I really like the brand "blue moon" they have alot of really nice beads.

Casey Sharpe said...

I love the irregular shape of the ovals, especially the one on the bottom! They're very luscious looking beads- can't wait to see what you make with them!

Renee said...

'Wanting to learn how to bead so much. Thanks for the inspiration!

Kokopelli said...

They look perfect for beaders who also do a bit of woodcrafting. Nice!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Great beads Lisa...they would make interesting earrings or links for a long necklace or multi strand necklace!!!

Have fun...

Denise said...

Are they made out of wood? I have just the right squirrel bead and acorn to go with those. I love them.
By the way thank you for the designer posting.

Cyndi L said...

Hi Lisa,
I just nominated your blog for a KreativBloggers award. I know that not everyone enjoys posting memes, so I don't want you to feel any obligation...just wanted you to know that I find your blog very very inspiring :-)
KreativBlogger award

Best ~

Rose said...

I saw these at Michaels and wanted them as well but am currently on a tight budget... I cant wait to see what you do with them!