Saturday, March 27, 2010

BOOK GIVEAWAY WINNERS and This Week's Project

It's time to announce the two winners of the "A Bead in Time" book giveaway, yay!

This is very exciting for me! It's like sharing a piece of myself with others.

Thank you all so much for all the wonderful comments, they mean so much to me! Stay tuned for the next giveaway in April!

Congratulations to the two winners below:
- Pattie of Structured Chaos
- Larissa Wardrip

Please send your mailing address to:

On to this week's project... I had no idea what I was going to make until a couple hours ago. I pulled out a BUNCH of beads...yes, messy marvin strikes again!

I was really taken by the silver and blue mod shapes that I mentioned earlier this week and, as usual, headed for the softflex colors.

I decided to use 2 strands of the "steel blue" softflex wire with lots of little silver plated rounds. It was SO fun to make, sort of like a little puzzle.

The blue mod beads are just very simply dangled in a straight line that will be fun to wear with many colors, but I always like to imagine a crisp white blouse when I make dangly necklaces. I think it will stand out nicely with white.

I had one more blue mod bead left and thought it would be adorable as a focal bead in a bracelet. I love how the silver rounds seem like bubbles, very fun and festive!!

I hope you are all having fun creating this weekend! Take care and see you tomorrow :)


Releases by Rufydoof said...

Congratulations to the lucky winners.

Regina said...

Love the necklace. Congrats to the lucky winners. Your book is on my b'day wish list. Have a great Sunday.

Robbie said...

cool necklace. You really need to click on pix to see the detail and appreicate the main beads! Thanks for sharing!

Dawn Doucette said...

This book is fantastic. I bought it from Amazon (Thanks for the link Lisa!).

What is absolutely wonderful is how Lisa shares her inspiration. Because we can all follow a pattern, but knowing where that idea came from, what Lisa's memories are for that piece and how she creates it make it a wonderful story!

You'll both really enjoy this book!


Be~Jeweled by Jana said...
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Be~Jeweled by Jana said...

Don't you hate it when you leave a comment and then realize you had a typo?!

Anyway, congratulations to the winners! The necklace is really cute!

Lisa ( nickname "L" ) said...

Congratulations you lucky girls! Wish it was me but I'm a good sport! lol! Ooh and I love those necklaces!

Pattie said...

Thank you so much :D I'm going crazy over here with excitement.

The blue is gorgeous :)