Monday, March 8, 2010

Colorful Glass "Jars"

Are these colorful bottles from Rings & Things adorable or what? I was actually wishing I had a couple handfulls of them in a variety of colors. I just checked the online catalog and discovered these are in many other colors.

After finishing the gold chain bracelet yesterday, I was thinking a nice silver chain covered in these mini bottles, a few pastel shell pearls and a few swarovski crystals here and there would be GREAT! What do you think?

Now, the question is....what to put inside these little bottles...! I believe I read in the catalog that a piece of rice fits inside and there is a trend right now to write a word or message on the grain of rice and then secure it inside.

Each of the little bottle toppers are actually screw-on lids with a nice loop for hanging from a chain! Nice!! Any ideas you want to share?

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Azure Islands Designs said...

Great little bottles...your bracelet idea is great, and yes I've hear of the rice thing, or sand or even tiny crystals if the opening is large enough!

Have fun...

JustATish said...

My daughter really likes these bottles. i am going to make her something with them, just what.... Dawno made an awesome bracelet with hers, i may use that for some inspiration

Claire said...

The bracelet sounds really pretty. I remember seeing those jars in the catalog, and yes, they had mentioned rice fitting inside.

When I'm looking at the image of these colorful bottles fairy dust pops into my mind. Colored sand, or colored kosher salt crystals would be cool.

Dave Robertson said...

Colored salt is a good idea I haven't seen done yet with these! I'm curious to see what everyone's going to wind up doing with these cute bottles :)

at Rings & Things

Createology said...

Ohhh I love these little bottles and want to create with them. I must shop. Thank you for sharing.