Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sterling Silver Cognac CZ Link

What a nice way to brighten up your day... sterling silver cognac cz links!!

These are so pretty with the bright sterling bezel. The actual description is: 6mm Sterling Silver Cognac CZ Bezel Link.

If you click on the product link above from Artbeads.com you can see the back side which comes to a point. This explains the sparkle and depth that you see from the front side! Very cool!....Oh how fun it would be to design pieces and parts for beaders!!

This color is perfect for fall and will be great through the holidays too! I originally selected these to use in earrings, but haven't decided what to hang from them yet. The possiblities seem endless! A crystal, a stone, a bright silver dangle? If you have any ideas or inspiration, please send them my way!!

More Cubic Zirconia Beads to come tomorrow!! Yay!! This is so exciting! What a wonderful sparkly week!


Azure Islands Designs said...

Great time of the year for sparkle...I do love the color "Cognac" even the sound of the word is lovely... :0)


Cathryn said...

I love this color! I'm not normally a fall-color person, but these are lovely!

Rockstarbabu said...
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