Friday, November 6, 2009

Featured Designer: Gaialai Glass Artist

Are you as ready as I am to see these glass art pieces? WOW! I was hopping around in Etsy when I discovered these beads in Gaialai's Shop.

The header reads: Gaialai glass artist - the full life combination between glass colors and shapes.

I don't know that I have ever seen beads like this and then to see how the artist used them in jewelry pieces was exciting!

I also loved the honesty in Sari's welcome statement: "Welcome to my shop!!!I'm a Glass Artist - I'm totally addicted to it!!!"
That is so cool and I think it is very clear Sari's passion comes through in these beautifully unique pieces.

The colors and shapes are amazing and to put them into necklaces in such bold statements seriously catches your attention.
Sari is also a member of the Israel artists Etsy team.
Thanks so much to Sari for allowing me to showcase these pieces!!
Have a great weekend!


Pearl and Pebble said...

These are soooo pretty!

Cathryn said...

The green ones on the bottom remind me of the whirling dervishes I saw in Turkey as a child. Pretty! Pretty!

WTF Store said...

Such amazing shapes for beads - these are really incredible!

gaialai said...

Wow Lisa,
Thanks a lot!!! An amazing post!!!

Azure Accessories said...

Wow...I checked out Gaialai's Etsy shop and she makes some of the most interestingly unique beads I've ever seen!!!


Unknown said...

Absolutely beautiful work of art , sari is an amazing artist !

Unknown said...

Wonderful little pieces of art!

Arosha said...

Sari's artwork is OOAK! she's so talented and her designs are breathtaking!

bouji and nouna Contemporary baby Beddind |Decor| Toys said...

Sari is a wonderful OOAK true artist, her passion noticed on any accpect of her work and her items are a true treasur!

antique gold rings said...

Love what you did! I run from yellow & green typically and never would have had the nerve to pair the zinnia with those pretty pansy shades :)