Monday, November 23, 2009

Pretty Fabulous CZ's

I mentioned yesterday that I recently selected some Cubic Zirconia Beads from and I have to say, they are so gorgeous!! I am anxious to get started on a project with them!!!

The top left is a 9x36mm Yellow CZ Faceted Flat Teardrop Pendant. Wow, this is tall and impressive! The hole on this CZ is horizontal just below the top point which will be perfect for using it in a necklace, especially as a focal piece.

I am considering using a colored softflex beading wire and using tiny gold tone crimps to position some small crystals along the wire with this teardrop as the focal. It will be understated WOW!

The oval CZ is: 20x30mm CZ Faceted Oval Drop - Champagne. This substantial CZ really brings to mind a royal gem or something from an old movie. For this pendant drop bead, I'd like to hang it from a choker or a beaded memory choker wire.

I also wanted to mention the adorable packaging these beads came in. How cute is this perfect little purple package?

Tucked inside the package was this little card with one of their design gallery projects on it, the popcorn & cranberries necklace.

Those little white puffballs on the necklace are so darn adorable!!

I hope you have enjoyed these pieces as much as I have so far.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, MORE CZ's!!


Pearl and Pebble said...

Yum-mo! Love the topazy amber color! Love Artbeads too!! It is a classy touch the way they package the loot and the give the little cards with the design ideas. (Took me a awhile to realize there is a coupon code on the back too) Duh! Show me a pretty picture and...... Can't wait to see your finished design:)

Anonymous said...

These are too fabulous! The long teardrop is going to be awesome! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

The inspiration card is great! I think I might have been inspired by it! LOL!

In Beads and Happiness,
Suzann Sladcik Wilson

Cathryn said...

These are pretty! I'm not a topaz fan, unless it's our Topaz the cat fan! But these may change my mind!

Mikki said...

I love the little purple packages, the time they take to package means a lot! I was looking for something like that CZ but I was looking in if I can just remember what design I wanted them for.

Regina said...

I love receiving the little purple packages too! Do check the back of the business 'design cards', there is almost always a discount code for a good deal on future purchases.

Azure Accessories said...

Lovely CZ's...I am a fan of topaz!!!
I'm sure it will be understated but stunning...