Friday, March 22, 2013

Bead Surprise Winner Announced!!

Thank you all so much for stopping by and for all the great comments on the surprise bead giveaway post!

I guess we should get right to it...thanks to the random number generator at, the winner is Norma Turvey of the blog, Moonlit Fantaseas. :)

I didn't want to put photos up yet so it remains a surprise until she gets her package.

So, in the mean time, here are some mirror beads to gush over!

I wish you could see these in real life, they are so shiny and watery and yep, yummy!


Unknown said...

Congrats Norma!

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Can't wait to see what you receive, Norma!

moonlitfantaseas said...

wow! thank you so much Lisa!
Can't wait to see what I have won! I think it is even more fun that you have kept it a mystery till I actually open the package! I will post a pic on my blog so every one can see my surprise package!

Kokopelli said...

Congrats! But I hope you post pics after the package arrived. :)