Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fun Trip to Ben Franklin Crafts

Here are a couple pics from our trip last weekend. We stopped into one of our favorite stores, Ben Franklin Crafts & Frames!

We have escaped home a couple times recently because we're grieving the loss of our last remaining, almost 19 year old, furry child a few weeks ago. I'll share more a little further down the road, but for now will share some fun things.

Who knew so many cool Cousin products would be in this fabulous, yet slightly dusty store! This is one of those stores that is filled with everything under the sun and you have to keep your eyes peeled in every aisle and take your time to find some unique treasures.

My husband was looking for notebook paper reinforcements...found them! He also found Chuckles candies and grabbed a huge handful of packages. :) I was just looking for anything fun...jackpot!

I piled a few of the bead related items on a shelf to get a shot of them. I bought the snap on ring pieces and the bright pink "subculture" charms/pendants. NICE!!

Of course, we had to peruse all the games and kids aisles to make sure we didn't miss a thing. This Ben Franklin also has an old fashioned glass case at the front of the store with just about every type of fudge and bulk candy you can think of...Very uplifting!

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