Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Slick & Bright Red

This is one of those beads you pick up and don't want to put down because it is so soft and smooth to the touch. This one is 19mm and came on a pack of 14, NICE!

I can't wait to use them all in one project...the impact of the bright red is going to be something! I also have the brown with the black edge just like these, but I have to say the red is a total stand out.

Just in case you don't see these in your local craft store or Meijer/Walmart, they have made an appearance in the Primabead retail catalog too. One great thing about Cousin beads, is most basic bead packages are right around $4. If you do have them at the craft store, don't forget your weekly coupons just in case they aren't on sale already! :)

I'm going to be heading to Joann this coming weekend to use a gift card and can't wait to see all the new stuff for spring. If you have been to the craft store lately, please share your haul and/or pics of the selections.

I need to make a better habit of taking pics while at the craft store. It's so fun to see how different everyone's local store is. We visited a Ben Franklin over the weekend when we went out of town and I got some pics to share this week. Fun stuff, you have GOT to love a Ben Franklin store! It was more like a treasure hunt than a shopping trip! :)

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