Saturday, June 9, 2012

Macrame Jewelry Bug

I think I caught the macrame jewelry bug while reading the "Bejeweled by Jana" blog. Jana reported that she caught the bug and couldn't stop. That is usually what happens to me too!

I have since pulled out all my hemp cord in yellow, blue, orange, purple, etc. and seem to now have a lump of tangled cords and nothing to show for it.

Looking for inspiration and thinking about making a variation of this white bracelet. I made this last year as a variation of the palm tree bracelet in my book. The gauge of hemp cord on this one made it fun to cut the loops after knotting and use a doggie brush to fray the ends. I even did a quick white-wash on the palm wood beads with a little acrylic craft paint for more of a shabby chic vibe.

Hmm, so much inspiration and so little time! :)


Amy A said...

That's a great bracelet. Looks nice and airy.

Tatyana Fedorikhina said...

Great idea! it would be lovely to see it in a different color.