Saturday, June 2, 2012

Blog Inspiration

If you don't already have a blog, here is a great reason to start one! Inspiration!

Posting photos and stories about your jewelry gives you the freedom to release all of that history from your memory bank! I've discovered that's important these days so I can make sure to remember the important things that I need every day.

I was just trying to remember how I used a particular brushed coppery bracelet blank without having to think about where this piece of jewelry might be in real life.

All I had to do was a quick search on my blog and voila! Here it is. Not only do I have the pictures, but some of the details about how the materials were used. Here's the original post from 2009.



Shel said...

You are soooo right w/this one!! I've searched my blog instead of my work space to find things before and it was much less of a hassle!! ;-) Great post!!

Kokopelli said...

Keeping a portfolio was one of the reasons I started blogging.

Pearl Blay said...

Yes, blogging is like an extra memory cell for me! Like you, I often search through my blog for a tutorial inspiration I wrote about before.

bluemonkeybeads said...

Just started a blog as a way to force me to take my jewelry making more serious and take it from "hobby" to hopefully a business! I have so many pictures of past pieces that won't make it here, but at least I can start with the current ones and create links to the others!