Sunday, June 17, 2012

Beads for Macrame

These beads would work perfectly in hemp cord jewelry!

I can picture them on a light tan cording or even the bleached white.

A fabulous color that can be used throughout the year. Imagine black hemp cord with these turquoise beads! Perfection!

You don't need official "large hole beads" for hemp cord jewelry, especially with a finer hemp cord that you can find today.

These are great because you can probably get two strands of hemp cord through them which is perfect!

Let me know what your favorite beads are for macrame hemp jewelry! I found these on Ebay!


Kokopelli said...

I have some fake wampum beas looking like these. I always wanted to try ma hand on macramee jewelry. How long do you think the cord should be? I think it depends on the pattern. Any good links on that?

Lisa Crone said...

That sounds great! You are right, the length of the cord depends on the style of knots. It's surprising how much is needed for some, but I think that adds to the fun of tossing cords to the left and right. You really feel like you are creating something special! :) This is a nice site to get you started: