Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year's Wish Come True

You will never guess what I found today at the dollar store!!

I went in to find some knit gloves and crafty things to embellish them with for a crafting session with my Mom, niece and aunt.

No need to keep you in suspense...I found the New Year's horn noise makers on a necklace chain I mentioned in yesterday's post! WOW!! Who knew?!

It was so unexpected, I bought one for all of us who were crafting, it was so much fun! We ended up embellishing our gloves slightly over the top, but we had lots of fun! I made two pairs of earrings, but ended up giving them away so I don't have anything to share here except the gloves!! :)

We also made party hats using poster board, glue guns, glitter and the covers of some recently received holiday cards! And, we used large rubber bands to put under our chin!

LOTS of fun was had by all!


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Looks like fun!
What a great idea!