Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bright Holiday Colors

As the work week is winding down the next two days, my thoughts have finally turned to HOLIDAY fun! To me, that means, BEADS and/or any kind of crafting!

I just made a pair of earrings for a co-worker and was wondering what I was doing this time last year.

I took a trip down memory lane which is pretty easy to do on a blog and discovered I was talking about a bracelet from the year before.

I don't know where this one is any more, sometimes they just seem to fade out to make room for new things.

I still love it and thought I would share!

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you will keep sharing the projects you are working on, it's fun to see what people are up to.

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Kokopelli said...

This looks so "Xmassy"!