Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Snowflakes or Spring Flowers?

Here is a great project I came across back in the spring. I was so happy that Fusion Beads gave me pemission to share it with you!!

Now that I am looking at it again, I'm thinking it would be great re-designed as snowflakes!

By the way, this project involves GLITTER! :)

The project is titled, "Coloring Filigree with Glitter and Acrylic Paint Dabbers"! There was no way I was not going to click on that link especially when I saw they were using this really great bluish/turquoise glitter!

They have provided a list of materials needed, step by step instructions AND they have 3 different finished jewelry projects that you can download instructions and make yourself!

They are all so cute, but I think this springy flower necklace called,Floral Fever Necklace, is my favorite!!

The other projects are the Morning Frost Earrings and Star of the Party Bracelet.



send flower to bhopal said...

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Saturday Sequins said...

What a gorgeous project! I would never have thought of using paint and glitter on filigree.

Fusion Beads has such an awesome how-to section. I'm really impressed. :)

Happy turkey day!

-- Sarah